About Me

Hi, I’m Candice! Welcome to my blog! My amazing husband and I have been together for nine years and married for six. I’m a proud mommy to the cutest, sweetest little boys with the biggest personalities. Their names are Enzo and Vincent and we tried for five years before we finally started our family with the assistance of IVF. Now we are on a mission to grow our family to four kids!

I started this blog because I’ve always loved writing and now that I’m a mom, I’ve found I have a lot of things to write about. My primary goal is to always be as open as possible about our struggles with infertility and our experience with assisted reproductive technology. During the five years we struggled to get pregnant, it really helped me to read other women’s experiences and I am a huge proponent of women being more open about what they are going through.

Motherhood is a club you join, and one where every member has their own wealth of knowledge. Here doing my part to share what I can about my mom-life experiences! I hope you enjoy and join me on this amazing journey called motherhood.

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