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Vincent First Trimester Update

August 16, 2020

We made it through the first trimester! That means I’m done with all injections and medications! I couldn’t be happier about that and look forward to gaining more energy in the next couple weeks. I need to check with my OB but should be cleared to begin light workouts and be more active.

At our 7 week appointment we got to see/hear Vincent’s heartbeat!! It is always so magical to hear the heartbeat for the first time. It’s also a little nerve wracking having to wait three weeks after getting a positive pregnancy blood test to hear the heartbeat. Us IVF patients get so spoiled because we get to see things as they happen. At our 10 week appointment we got to see his little body and he’s really taking shape! The way he’s laying looks like he’s hanging out in a hammock.


10 week scan of Vincent. His head is on the left and he’s laying flat on his back with his little legs stretched out to the right. Hammock Baby. 🙂

So far, this pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first… but luckily with one big difference! No food aversions yet! During my first pregnancy I had food aversions to everything. Nothing sounded good and I had to force myself to eat, which was so weird because I’m a huge foodie and love to eat everything. It lasted my entire first trimester and I ended up using an app to track everything I ate because I was worried I wouldn’t eat enough otherwise. I still ate around 2,500-3,000 calories a day, but I felt better tracking and knowing for sure. I’m not tracking my food now because I’m not having any aversions and just eating normally. I usually eat about that many calories a day even when I’m not pregnant and that’s well above the daily requirements during pregnancy so I’m not worried about getting enough.

Some other similarities between this pregnancy and my first have been the cold night sweats for the first couple weeks, my feet hurting after standing for a short time, shortness of breath, being tired, and insomnia that starts like clockwork everyday at 3am. It’s so strange… I wake up everyday at 3am and cannot go back to sleep. I lay there trying to sleep again until everybody else wakes up around 6-7am and then I’m exhausted. It’s funny that they say to get as much sleep as you can before the baby gets here… well thanks to pregnancy insomnia that’s just not possible! This lasted my entire first pregnancy as well, so I’m not optimistic it will end anytime soon.

However, I have not had any morning sickness (nor with my first pregnancy), and I haven’t had any reflux/heartburn yet. Though I can’t remember if it started this early last time or if it occurred later in the second trimester. Also, I remember feeling really bloated and uncomfortable during my entire first trimester with my first pregnancy (which ended almost immediately after I discontinued the hormone injections at 12 weeks and then I felt great during my second and third trimesters), but haven’t experienced that this time. Besides being tired, overall I feel pretty good!

I haven’t had any crazy cravings or anything… but I have really been into pizza and I eat Pho pretty much everyday, which I also did during my first pregnancy. I think I like it so much because it’s a pretty complete meal, easy to eat, and makes my stomach feel good. One thing I do have to watch is sodium because I’m extremely sensitive to it while pregnant. It makes me super bloated and uncomfortable so I really watch my sodium intake.

We have an appointment Monday with our imaging center for the first trimester scan! This is the first ultrasound where we get to see his facial profile!! I’m excited because I remember seeing Enzo’s facial profile for the first time and I could already see that he had my husband’s nose and upper lip. Can’t wait to see this little guys face! I’ll post another update and pictures next week. 

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